Commercial Debt Collection and Credit Management Services

Creditor Services has built a solid reputation over the past 20 years for the effective collection of all types of debt.

Prompt debt collection and sound debtor management are essential tools in the current business climate.  Together they:
  • nIncrease cash flow permitting business expansion and development
  • nEnsure maximum possible recovery of debt, including statutory interest
  • nReduce the risk of being owed money when customers fail
  • nImprove your own credit rating by demonstrating sound financial control and management. 

Collect Your Debt?

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We were extremely impressed with the standard of service we received, and the debt was successfully recovered quickly and efficiently.  One of the key issues for the survival of any business is dealing with bad debt, and this service helps reduce problems with late payment and cash flow.

John Blatherwick, Director of Finance, Black Country Chamber of Commerce. Writing about Creditor Services in Prosper 04/04 edition.